This is where the bell tolls for the Black Lives Movement

Being in the streets is powerful, and not enough. Hashtags and digital mobilizing is powerful. And not enough. We have to tackle and dismantle the systems and laws that uphold white supremacy, and we have to challenge every elected, selected, appointed or anointed official to use their position—or the position they seek—to protect the prosperity of all constituencies. And that means Black Lives, too.


Candidate Ranking Process: What We Did

We developed six questions, drawing from national BLM priorities, as well as local and statewide priorities for the protection and liberation of Black Lives. Our questions included:


  • If elected, give examples of how your priorities will support the liberation and protection of Black Lives locally and across the state.
  • Do you believe racism is a public health crisis? Explain your answer.
  • Do you support defunding the police? Explain your answer.
  • What is your position on charging officers with bodily harm-related crimes when excessive force is used? Explain your answer.
  • How does your racial identity shape your perspective of public policy? Explain your answer.
  • Do you support the restoration of voting rights for Washingtonians who are incarcerated or have been previously incarcerated or owe fees and fines? Explain your answer.

Questionnaires were sent to over 325 candidates across the state.


The Ranking System

The BLM Alliance applied the following ranking system based on candidate records and responses to our questionnaire. Candidates were vetted and ultimately ranked by Black leadership working across our community for the protection and liberation of Black Lives.


Five Stars

Candidate spoke to or supported 100% of the issues impacting Black Lives raised, demonstrated willingness to be a champion if elected to office, and shows outstanding leadership potential to be and / or has been involved in BLM.


Four Stars

Candidate spoke to or supported 80% of the issues raised impacting Black Lives, demonstrated willingness to be a champion and/or sponsor legislation if elected to office, and shows leadership potential to be and/or has been involved in BLM.


Three Stars

Candidate spoke to or supported 50% of the issues impacting Black Lives raised.


Two Stars

Candidate gave only yes or no answers and demonstrated only basic understanding of the issues raised.


One Star 

Candidate gave no direct response to the issues raised, were not in support of issues raised that impact Black Lives, or did not respond to the questionnaire at all. 


Take Action

Together, we can make sure our candidates know that our vote is earned through a commitment to working in service of undoing institutionalized racism. There are hundreds of candidates listed below who have not yet responded to Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County’s questionnaire. Tell YOUR candidates that you need to hear from them. Find your candidate’s email and use the sample email below to make your expectation clear.


Subject: Will you fight for Black Lives?

[Your Candidate’s Name],

As I consider my vote, I need to know whether, and how you will fight for the protection and liberation of Black Lives. I need to know where you stand. Please complete Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County’s candidate questionnaire. My vote depends on a commitment to Black Lives.


[Your Name]


The Rankings

Find your candidate below. If your candidate responded to the questionnaire, you can read their full response. If you have trouble loading a candidate’s response, try logging into your google/gmail account first.  


Statewide Candidates

Legislative Candidates

Judicial Candidates

County Races




Statewide Candidates


Jay Inslee (D) 

Loren Culp (R) 


Lt. Governor

Denny Heck (D)  read response 

Marko Liias (D)  read response


Secretary of State

Kim Wyman (R) 

Gael Tarleton (D) 


State Treasurer

Mike Pellicciotti (D) 

Duane A. Davidson (R) 


State Auditor

Pat (Patrice) McCarthy (D) 

Chris Leyba (R) 


Attorney General

Bob Ferguson (D) 

Matt Larkin (R) 


Commissioner of Public Lands

Hilary Franz (D) 

Sue Kuehl Pederson (R) 


Superintendent of Public Instruction

Chris Reykdal 

Maia Espinoza 


Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler (D) 

Chirayu Avinash Patel (R) 




Legislative Candidates


Legislative District 1

State Senator

Derek Stanford (D) 

Art Coday (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Davina Duerr (D) 

Adam Bartholomew (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Shelley Kloba (D) 

Jeb Brewer (R) 


Legislative District 2

State Senator

Rick Payne (D) 

Jim McCune (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Andrew Barkis (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

JT Wilcox (R) 

Veronica Whitcher Rockett (R) 

Legislative District 3

State Senator

Andy Billig (D) 

Dave Lucas (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Marcus Riccelli (D) 

Laura D Carder (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Timm Ormsby (D) 

Bob Apple (R) 


Legislative District 4

State Senator

Mike Padden (R) 

John Roskelley (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Bob McCaslin (R) 

Lori Feagan (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Lance Gurel (D) 

Rob Chase (R) 


Legislative District 5

State Senator

Ingrid Anderson (D) 

Mark Mullet (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Bill Ramos (D) 

Ken Moninski (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Lisa Callan (D) 


Legislative District 6

State Rep. Pos. 1

Mike Volz (R) 

Zack Zappone (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Jenny Graham (R) 

Tom McGarry (D) 



Legislative District 7

State Rep. Pos. 1

Jacquelin Maycumber (R) 

Georgia D. Davenport (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Joel Kretz (R) 

JJ Wandler (D) 




Legislative District 8

State Rep. Pos. 1

Brad Klippert (R) 

Shir Regev (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Matt Boehnke (R) 

Larry Stanley (A)    read response



Legislative District 9

State Senator

Mark G. Schoesler (GOP) 

Jenn Goulet (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Mary Dye (R) 

Brett Borden (L)   read response


State Rep. Pos. 2

Joe Schmick (GOP) 


Legislative District 10

State Senator

Ron Muzzall (R) 

Helen Price Johnson (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Greg Gilday (GOP) 

Angie Homola (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Bill Bruch (R) 

Dave Paul (D) 


Legislative District 11

State Senator

Bob Hasegawa (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

David Hackney (D)   read response

Zack Hudgins (D)   read response


State Rep. Pos. 2

Steve Bergquist (D) 

Sean Atchison (R) 


Legislative District 12

State Senator

Brad Hawkins (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Keith Goehner (R) 

Adrianne Moore (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Mike Steele (R) 


Legislative District 13

State Rep. Pos. 1

Tom Dent (R) 

Eduardo Castañeda-Díaz (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Alex Ybarra (R) 



Legislative District 14

State Senator

Curtis P. King (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Chris Corry (R) 

Tracy Rushing (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Gina Mosbrucker (R) 

Devin Kuh (D) 


Legislative District 15

State Rep. Pos. 1

Bruce Chandler (R) 

Jack McEntire (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Jeremie Dufault (R) 

AJ Cooper (D) 



Legislative District 16

State Senator

Danielle Garbe Reser (D) 

Perry Dozier (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Mark Klicker (R) 

Frances Chvatal (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Skyler Rude (R) 

Carly Coburn (D) 


Legislative District 17

State Senator

Lynda Wilson (R) 

Daniel Smith (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Vicki Kraft (R) 

Tanisha L. Harris (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Paul Harris (R) 

Bryan White (D) 


Legislative District 18

State Senator

Rick Bell (D) 

Ann Rivers (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Brandon Vick (R) 

Kassandra Bessert (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Larry Hoff (R) 

Donna L. Sinclair (D) 


Legislative District 19

State Senator

Dean Takko (D) 

Jeff Wilson (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Jim Walsh (R) 

Marianna Everson (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Joel McEntire (R) 

Brian E. Blake (D) 


Legislative District 20

State Senator

John Braun (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Peter Abbarno (R) 

Timothy Zahn (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Ed Orcutt (R) 

Will Rollet (D) 


Legislative District 21

State Rep. Pos. 1

Strom H. Peterson (D) 

Brian Thompson (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Lillian Ortiz-Self (D) 

Amy Schaper (R) 



Legislative District 22

State Senator

Sam Hunt (D) 

Garry Holland (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Laurie Dolan (D) 

J. D. Ingram (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Dusty Pierpoint (R) 

Jessica Bateman (D)   read response


Legislative District 23

State Senator

Christine Rolfes (D) 

Pam Madden-Boyer (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Tarra Simmons (D)   read response

April Ferguson (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Drew Hansen (D) 

Elaina Gonzales-Blanton (R) 


Legislative District 24

State Senator

Kevin Van De Wege (D)  

Connie Beauvais (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Mike Chapman (D)  

Sue Forde (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Steve Tharinger (D) 

Brian Pruiett (R) 


Legislative District 25

State Senator

Chris Gildon (R) 

Julie Door (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Kelly Chambers (R) 

Jamie Smith (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Cyndy Jacobsen (R) 

Brian Duthie (D) 


Legislative District 26

State Rep. Pos. 1

Jesse L. Young (R) 

Carrie Hesch (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Joy Stanford (D)   read response

Michelle Caldier (R) 



Legislative District 27

State Senator

Jeannie Darneille (D) 

Kyle Paskewitz (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Laurie Jinkins (D) 

Ryan Talen (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Jake Fey (D) 

Barry Knowles (I) 


Legislative District 28

State Senator

Twina Nobles (D) 

Steve O’Ban (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Mari Leavitt (D) 

Kevin Ballard (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Dan Bronoske (D) 

Chris Nye (R) 


Legislative District 29

State Rep. Pos. 1

Melanie Morgan (D) 

Koshin Mohamed Fidaar (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Terry Harder (R) 

Steve Kirby (D) 



Legislative District 30

State Rep. Pos. 1

Jamila Taylor (D) 

Martin A. Moore (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Jesse Johnson (D)   read response

Jack Walsh (R) 



Legislative District 31

State Rep. Pos. 1

Drew Stokesbary (R) 

Katie Young (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Eric E. Robertson (R) 

Thomas R. Clark (D) 



Legislative District 32

State Rep. Pos. 1

Cindy Ryu (D) 

Shirley Sutton (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Lauren Davis (D) 

Tamra Smilanich (NP) 



Legislative District 33

State Rep. Pos. 1

Tina L. Orwall (D) 

Kerry French (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Mia Su-Ling Gregerson (D) 

Marliza Melzer (L) 



Legislative District 34

State Rep. Pos. 1

Eileen L. Cody (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Joe Fitzgibbon (D)   read response



Legislative District 35

State Rep. Pos. 1

Dan Griffey (R) 

Colton Myers (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Drew C. MacEwen (R) 

Darcy Huffman (D) 



Legislative District 36

State Rep. Pos. 1

Noel Christina Frame (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Liz Berry (D)   read response

Sarah Reyneveld (D) 



Legislative District 37

State Rep. Pos. 1

Sharon Tomiko Santos (D)    read response 

John Stafford (D)     read response  


State Rep. Pos. 2

Kirsten Harris-Talley (D)   read response 

Chukundi Salisbury (D)    read response 



Legislative District 38

State Senator

June Robinson (D) 

Bernard Moody (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Emily Wicks (D) 

Bert Johnson (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Mike Sells (D)   read response

David Wiley (L)   read response


Legislative District 39

State Senator

Keith L. Wagoner (R) 

Kathryn A. Lewandowsky (WAP)   read response


State Rep. Pos. 1

Robert J. Sutherland (R) 

Claus Joens (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Carolyn Eslick (R) 

Ryan Johnson (D) 


Legislative District 40

State Senator

Elizabeth (Liz) Lovelett (D)    read response

Charles Carrell (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Debra Lekanoff (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Alex Ramel (D) 

Russ Dzialo (R) 


Legislative District 41

State Senator

Lisa Wellman (D) 

Mike Nykreim (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Tana Senn (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

My-Linh Thai (D) 

Al Rosenthal (R) 


Legislative District 42

State Rep. Pos. 1

Luanne Van Werven (R) 

Alicia Rule (D) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Jennifer Sefzik (R) 

Sharon Shewmake (D) 



Legislative District 43

State Rep. Pos. 1

Nicole Macri (D) 

Leslie Klein (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Frank Chopp (D)   read response

Sherae Lascelles (SPP) 



Legislative District 44

State Rep. Pos. 1

John Lovick (D) 

John T. Kartak (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Mark A. James (R) 

April Berg (D) 



Legislative District 45

State Rep. Pos. 1

Roger Goodman (D) 

John P. Gibbons (R)   read response 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Larry Springer (D) 

Amber Krabach (R) 



Legislative District 46

State Rep. Pos. 1

Gerry Pollet (D)   read response

 Note: Rep. Pollet’s questionnaire was received after the deadline for responses. While we have not changed our rating due to non-response, we wanted to share the response for our community’s information.

Eric J. Brown (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Javier Valdez (D) 

Beth Daranciang (R) 



Legislative District 47

State Rep. Pos. 1

Debra Entenman (D) 

Kyle Lyebyedyev (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Pat Sullivan (D)   read response

Ted Cooke (R) 



Legislative District 48

State Rep. Pos. 1

Vandana Slatter (D) 

Victor H. Bishop (R) 


State Rep. Pos. 2

Amy Walen (D) 

Tim J. Hickey (R) 



Legislative District 49

State Senator

Annette Cleveland (D) 

Rey Reynolds (IR) 


State Rep. Pos. 1

Sharon Wylie (D) 

Justin Forsman (R)   read response


State Rep. Pos. 2

Monica Stonier (D) 

Park Llafet (R) 




Judicial Candidates


Supreme Court

Justice Position #3

Dave Larson  

Raquel Montoya-Lewis   read response


Justice Position #4

Charles W. Johnson  

Justin Forsman (R) 



Justice Position #6

Richard S. Serns  

G. Helen Whitener  


Justice Position #7

Debra L. Stephens  


King County Superior Court

Judge Position 13

Hillary Madsen   read response

Andrea Robertson   read response


Judge Position 30

Doug North  

Carolyn Ladd    read response 






County Races


Pierce County Executive

Bruce Dammeier  

Larry Seaquist  



Pierce County Sheriff

Ed Troyer  

Cyndie Fajardo