My power. My voice. My vote.

For Black Lives.


Washington Black Lives Matter Alliance

We are a collective of people and organizations using our voice, our vote, and our power to fight for the protection and liberation of Black Lives.

Why? Because we believe in the health and prosperity of all Washingtonians.

We say yes:

My voice is for Black Lives.
My vote is for Black Lives.
My power is for Black Lives.


Our Focus

We are fighting for Washington state to be a place where ALL Black Lives Matter.


  • Where the physical and mental health of Black people is a priority.
  • Where Black people have the same expectation of safety that others have.
  • Where Black people are not subjected to extrajudicial punishment.
  • Where Black children are supported in education and work.
  • And where Black culture is honored and celebrated.





Join Us

We are building a collective of members — organizations and individuals — who commit to using their voice, their vote, and their power for the whole of Black Life.


Our membership will receive:


  • News and updates on the protection and liberation of Black Lives in Washington state
  • Expert local, state, and federal policy analysis centered on advancing Black liberation
  • Opportunities to partner with Alliance members to take direct action
  • Support in powering Black-led seismic and generational change, and in engaging your organization’s own stakeholders to do so as well


We plan to collect dues in support of our ability to deliver excellent programming. Dues will be based on age for individuals, and the size and capacity of partner organizations. 

Join the Alliance


We are in the early days of building this statewide alliance. Sign up to receive updates and information about how to become a member. 


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Candidate Evaluations

We have to tackle and dismantle the systems and laws that uphold white supremacy, and we have to challenge every elected, selected, appointed or anointed official to use their position — or the position they seek — to protect the prosperity of all constituencies. That means Black Lives, too.

We sent questionnaires to over 325 political candidates across Washington state, and have ranked their responses. 


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Alliance Members 


  • Are committed to ensuring prosperity for all Washingtonians
  • Work to advance anti-racism efforts in their lives, communities, and organizations
  • Lead the region and the nation in fighting for policies and resources that serve Black wellness, including education, health access,  and life-readiness skills
  • Lead the region and the nation in dismantling systematic racism